Looking for Gaige lvl 61 builds

My gaige is currently on lvl 52 on uvhm i find that my anarchy build isn’t that effective to enemies anymore and also i tried a shock anarchy build for gaige also wasn’t that effective any of you gaige experts can suggest lvl 61 builds and some gear for gaige?? thanks in advance

Knowing your weapons and other gear and whether or not you plan to stop at level 61 would help. Also, do you prefer to use DT or are you focused on using Gaige only?

no i dont have the uvhm upgrade pack 2 that’s why im capped at 61 also yeah i like using both gaige and DT also i have lvl 50 gear like the quad fibber bee that kind of stuff

There is something you prefer to use as Gaige in terms of gameplay?
I can come up with a Shock and DT build, Shock and Anarchy or Anarchy and DT. All of them are pretty viable in UVHM as I’ve runned through with all of them.

The gear is also important. You can not have a Shock build without a Catalyst COM and a good shock grenade, for example.

i like using anarchy and her shock tree is quite nice but for gear i don’t have access to guns like the twister and chain lightning

If you haven’t completed Fink’s Bandit Slaughter already , I highly recommend completing it at level 61 for a Hail. A shock Hail is one of the most versatile weapons in the game for all characters but Gaige makes it even greater.

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At least with your cap at 61, you have some wiggle room with your skill points and access to gen 1 pearls. Can you give us an idea of what your build is now? And tell what gear you’re working with, so we can get a good picture of your complete setup to offer advice…

And do you have access to any DLC content besides the first upgrade pack?

my build atm looks like this http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#550010000000140050100000415050151040

i have access to two campaign dlc’s the pirate’s booty dlc and the torgue campaign of carnage dlc

The ( Rustlers ) Orphan Maker comes to mind. It’s available almost immediately. Pimpernel and Sandhawk of course are fine but CUT, SaA, BSS and Anarchy stacking all make the ROM a great choice for her.

Yeah im gonna get my hands in one of those thanks

Judging from your build, you’re using a Legendary Mech right?

You should really look at Upshot Robot and Robot Ramage asap.

yeah the fire rate from the better half is good also healing from cooking up trouble

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Another good Moxxi weapon, in contrast because I hate the Hail personally, is the Kitten in the Torgue DLC. It comes in all elements. My OP8 Gaige is running an OC/LBT build because I love the hybrid power it packs.

@Jefe is right about the Orphan Maker. I’m not much of a Pimpernel or Sand Hawk user, but those two do come highly recommended from many people. The Pirate’s DLC also gives you access to the Evolution shield, which isn’t bad. (Better than the Neogenator) The Bee is good for when your Anarchy stack count is low, but once it’s high enough I would swap to something more sturdy in terms of defense.

To me, your build (if aiming towards a Shock/Anarchy build) looks like it’s on the right track, but is just slightly off-balanced. Even with the Legendary Mechromancer COM, not every skill it boosts is really a necessity. (More Pep is a good example at times) And @l_gabrielcruz is right about a Catalyst COM (or even a Zapper would do). Always a good idea for any build involving the LBT tree. I have a few suggestions and alterations if you’d like to hear them in regards to making it a shock/Anarchy build.

Thanks alot all your tips are very helpful im gonna work on my build

yes please i’d like to hear your suggestions

Alright, these are all on the assumption of aiming for a shock/Anarchy build, so bear with me…

  • First, even if a COM boosts a skill, it may not necessarily benefit you to add a point to it. (Think big picture) Don’t build around the COM; choose the COM based on your build end goal. However it is possible to build around a COM, but it might be tricky seeing as you’re capped at 61 and not 72.
  • You don’t need the maximum amount of stacks to deal hard hitting damage. I find that between 250 and 300 work just as good. (So that means 2-3 points in Preshrunk Cyberpunk rather than 5)
  • More Pep isn’t doing you any good if you aren’t using more skills from the LBT tree, particularly those that deal in elements.
  • The Nth Degree, while fun and sometimes useful, is better unused when skill points are in short supply. (More important skills need those points since you can’t acquire the max amount)
  • Upshot Robot is a must for DT so he can help as long as possible.
  • REMEMBER TO MATCH ELEMENTS. Slag is a good boost, but don’t forget what enemies are weak to. (Shield=shock, metal=corrosive, flesh=fire, etc.) Sometimes when slag is thrown by the wayside, using the element an enemy is weak to can do just as good. So make sure your arsenal is elementally diverse for every kind of encounter!

For me, at level 53, here’s what I would do:

And aim for this for 61:



This is the build I recommend for Shock and Anarchy hybrid. The last few points go where you want, but Unstoppable Force is a nice support skill for Anarchy because of the move speed to close the gap/take cover when needed.
And if you want more Anarchy, go ahead and swap TI for PC to increase your stack ceiling.

While both Twister and Chain Lightning are amazing, you dont need them. A good Tesla is going to take care of mobs with Electrical Burn, or a Storm Front/Quasar if you have acess to them. The Storm Front is a pretty easy farm from the TMNRats, btw.
Also, you dont need shock guns if you dont want to stick with them. The Shock part of the build is in the grenades, so your gun slots are free for you to chose. One slag gun is recommended, thou, as slag squares in the EB formula.

Good guns already mentioned are the Rustler’s Orphan Maker for stacking/close range killing, the Teapot for Loaders, the Hail, Ricochet Fibber, Pimpernel, Jolly Roger and etc.

But, in the end, what you really need is an Evil Catalyst COM, a good Quad barreled Shotgun and Shock grenade. Plus a slagging tool, of course.


No Wires Don’t Talk? Good build, though.

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My bad. Im used to run a build with 1 point only in WDT for the boost COM so I can swap for a Technophile against bosses haha
My bad, I ended up filling IO with the points I wanted to put in WDT.
Im editing. Thanks!

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Legendary Catalyst right?

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