Looking for gamers 2 play borderlands 2 on the xbox one

The community seems so small so add me up and tune into my twitch I’d love to play with you guys http://www.twitch.tv./MSQshow add me yt? MasTeR sQ

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I play on Xbox one as well! Gt is PotluckMassacre add me :slight_smile:

Added GT= mikesavelkoul

Gt is CandiedHamm927

Send me a message to join

Gonna be away for the weekend. Once I’m back will add all of you and send a message!

I’m down

I’m back! Sent some friend requests out, hopefully got you all.

I just recently picked up the handsome edition on Xbox One and would enjoy grouping up with some others. I’ve played the PC version for a while now. My Xbox Gamertag is Laws Of Woo

Mitchi1987 add me lvl 25 Psycho

is there anyone playing the Pre-sequel at all I’m playing thru UVHM and looking for people to play with

Yes. @thegreataugy

Everyone add me. GT: matrixneo42

I’m planning a full Borderlands 2 Story run on OP8 soon! I may be streaming this as well.
I’m looking for mature people here, so if you’re interested please PM me JayQC80 on Xbox One.

I would prefer if you’re at least 30 or older
Please be cool to each other, there’s no need to be ultra-competitive here, I’d like for everyone to enjoy playing.
Please don’t be a ninja looter. It’s just not cool.

Gt: UK EQUALS TRASH lvl 20 maya n gaige 50 sal n krieg 42 zero op1axton

Add me to Xbox one xMSWx DEEBO

Yeah man gt woodinghal

Add me, donny0999

need people for raid bosses


I still play from time to time. I have lvl 72 assassin, siren, gunzerker, and mechromancer all OP 8. I dont do power leveling but I dont mind doing OP runs and I just enjoy killing raid bosses or anything for that matter. GT: milicia force

Looking for people to join ?? I’m op2 , my friend is op3 my GT is NUCKLESANDACE