Looking For Gamers! XboxOne: Handsome Collection

GT: PerfectlyPsycho

Hey Borderlands fans!
I’m looking for some people to play the Handsome Collection with on XboxOne. I have a couple of characters already (ask for details) but I’d be willing to start over and play through the story again with someone.


Hey Jessica, a friend and I recently started our ultimate vault hunter playthrough but I was also wanting to start a new character at some point. I’m pretty much up for anything so whenever you’re down you can msg me or add me to play!

gt: v Mr NOname v2

add my gt: frixity I usually do raid bosses

Okay, awesome! I added you. What level are you?

Hey Jessica, I just recently got the handsome jack collection and I would love to have someone to play it with
My gt is dslexic elafent

Nice! I currently have a lvl 55 Assassin. How about you?

I just got half way on TVHM lvl 41, We could do the DLC as well! Add me GT- Parvaiiz

Hey , names ben and my Gt is Groovyherb so feel free to add me I’m tying to finally beat TPS story mode today , I have a lvl 72 psycho on bl2 but I really wanna play more of the pre sequel with new friends