Looking for Gamma Burst guns and Atom balm otto idol

I want an Atom Balm Otto Idol

I need guns with the 65% Gamma Burst annointment

Guns I would prefer

Different luciens calls
One-pump chump
Gatling Gatlin
Star Helix
COV pistols

Would also be interested in hearing about Red Suit shields with good annointments too

Things I can trade

NON element anointed shredded scourge with 100% damage on ASE and 5093 base damage!
Stark krakatoa with 50% cryo with SNTNL
Rain firestorm
Cryo anointed recurring hex
shock recurring hex
infiltrator mods
phasezerker mods
bloodletter mods
llyuda in shock (lvl 49) fire (125% annointment) radiation and normal(lvl 50s)
Kings call shock and fire
all elements of luciens call
ice crossroads
Infinity in all but cryo
Loot expanding loaded dice
a number of deathless
Destructo spinner rad/caustic with splash damage 125% on skill end
Man eater bounty hunter with 25% weapon damage 31% heavy damage AND 10% Jacobs damage
and others just ask I’ll see if I have it

When you get the full gear setup for this build I’m really curious to hear your thoughts on it. I’d really like to see it be viable at M3

It is after the Yawp upgrade with the last update. I’ll let you know on xbox.

Edit post to add more

edit to post to add more

Removed the class mod i was asking for found a +4 friendbot and added more to what i have to give

I have an anointed dictator if you want it

Also a nasty devils foursome anointed

Gatlin gatlin fun for rain firestorm assuming neither are annointed

I’m interested in the foursome what were you wanting?

Also is the gatlin gatling gamma burst?

I can give you the foursome no problem if you’ve got a bekah I’ll take it but if not dont worry you can have it

No bekah sorry my mail glitched and I lost it and the llyuda before I picked them up, if you want you can mail it

No worries I’ll get on and send it now

Keeps saying I’ve sent too much mail you wanna send me an invite and I’ll drop it in your game for you

Never mind buddy got it sent

Thanks it’s working well, sorry was stuck in a cutscene helping some random guy with troy


I found a shock rowans call with the gamma burst bonus I can send it to you tomorrow when I’m on again if you want

That would be awesome thanks

No worries I’ll let you know tomorrow when I’ve sent it

That guns in your mail bud