Looking for Gear - Shield break items

Do they exist in Battleborn? I’ve looked through most of what I can find for posted Legendaries but no luck. Anyone out there that knows of some and more importantly how they’re obtained? Thanks!

I think you are only going to find Shield Penetration items. Is that what you are referring to?

If you are talking about dmg to shields then there are no items that give that but there are some characters that do extra dmg to shield. Reyna for and Kleese come to mind.

Nah I was hoping there were shield gear that explodes when shield bursts or anything like that. Not damage to shields or shield pen.

There’s at least one legendary that does that, called “Comeback King”


-1.05 Second Shield Recharge Delay
-4.20% Cooldown Time
Your shield explodes when depleted after a full charge, dealing +140 damage

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That’s the one, thanks! Looks like it’s in Rogue packs. Greeeeeeeeeeat :disappointed:

I have that one and haven’t found a good use for it yet. Reduced shield recharge isn’t exactly a vital stat, so I feel like you are giving up something better, stat-wise and paying a whole lot of shards for a weak damage effect.

Yea, it shouldn’t be on full charge, and it should be much closer to 300 damage.

If the full charge was not there it would be neat on kelvin even at the lower damage.

I’ve thought about using it on Kelvin, but not sure I want to give up my Vidanium Root Tea. They could up the damage and put a cooldown on it, maybe. I’d be ok with that.

AFAIK it wont work, kelvin basically never gets a full shield charge.

Just need a shield recharge gear.