Looking for gear to trade for to get my zane build done

Alright ive been farming to gain a specific build for my zane for the past few weeks now. Looking for weapons and gear with specific rolls on them if anyone can help out.

Looking for
Ice breaker victory rush
+mag size +cryo damage or +weapon damage +blast damage

Cryo kaos
ASE cryo

Cryo Dark army
ASE cryo

Cryo convergence
ASE cryo

Ive got more im looking for but not fully needed for the build just either utility, I want to test out or is in gaurdian takedown and I want to farm that once build is mainly put together.

Shock old god
ASE shock

Cryo smog
ASE cryo

Cryo plague bearer
ASE cryo

Cryo bloodstarved beast
ASE cryo

Cryo queens call
ASE cryo

Cryo lightshow
ASE cryo

Seein dead classmod
Atleast 3 points donnybrook
+mag size +weapon damage +aoe damage

What platform?

Im on pc and I dont understand how to do the save file stuff either and really dont wanna risk losing what I have so far. Iheartyou2 is my username.

Good, cause that’s against forum rules.
Moved to correct section.

Oh ok thank you