Looking for good builds (OP8) Share yours!

I have Maya and Zero, both OP8, and I just cannot find a decent build for them. Just curious what everyone uses For weapons, class mod, relic, shield. I have a ton of stuff, just can’t find the right fit for it. Anyone care to share theirs?

Also, feel free to share other character builds as well if you’d like.

I’m still messing around and trying to get a feel for OP8, just want some input.


I’m on my way to building a decent Mechromancer build with Ordered Chaos and Best Friends Forever combined.

Anarchy and related to actually cause some decent damage without having to Slag 24/7, and BFF for backup when things get too inaccurate or hairy for my own good.

-Once I reach max I’ll start farming for possibly a Slagga for the mandatory Slag requirment,

-an E-Tech pistol with the homing feature to compensate for the lack of accuracy,

-A Sham for defense,

-And a Storm Front grenade. Because I love it.

Everything else might as well be free game and open for constant editing.

As for your builds, I’d recommend combining Harmony and Cataclysm. Though someone else might have a more detailed idea to give you.

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Check on bl2 section of gearbox forums. For zero if you like guns try The Thievius Raccoonus. Really awesome zero build.

For maya check out Maya the twisted pimp.

Both of these builds kinda center around the pimpernel, a unique sniper rifle from scarlets pirate dlc. A very awesome powerhouse of a weapon.

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Meele Zero op8
Slag pimpernel
Pimpernel element
Hide grounded
Chain lightning/Stormfront
Leg. Ninja
Bone of the ancients



Definitely will look into these, thanks.