Looking for good fl4k gear

I have gamma gear including bekah, maggie, wedding invitation, brainstormer, craps, shock rowans call, hellwalker, and atom balm victory rush with mag size.

fade away gear (this means 100% and 125% ase) including hellwalker, rad conference call, rad queens call, corrosive sleeping giant, all cutsmans, em-p5, brainstormer, and wedding invitations

rakk attack gear including brainstormer, kinetic butcher, shock rowans call, fire flakker

I’m looking for gear for all three skills including class mods.
also got snowdrift otto idol with mag size all items are 53

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Just add me on Psn (Adrion54) with a message “Fl4k stuff” and I’ll send you anything I’ll find in the future that could be interesting for you ^^

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thanks bud

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