Looking for grog nozzels

I want as many as i can get, levels 50-op8

Grog nozzle is quest item only weapon you have to get the beard that makes the man quest to obtain the gun

Yes it is a quest Item and No it can be/is available for trades, couple years back or so, Gearbox had a Loot Hunt for BL 2 one of the drops for that event was the Grog Nozzle, some farmed them like crazy. just have to find someone that still has some for trade.

Wasn’t aware of that I know me and a buddy tried duplicating and giving each other the grog and it just wouldn’t let it happen

quest Items don’t work like that, grog is only a quest Item again, only the ones that were a drop for that event are able to be traded or transferred between toons

Just noting since I notice you are new, we don’t allow duping or discussion of duping on the forums.
You didnt do anything wrong, but I saw you mentioned it and figured it’d be a decent tid bit to toss out there just in case.

Enjoy the forum.


Thanks didn’t know about talking about those things my bad won’t happen again

Well I have An op8 bladed one and a 72 potent one if you want, you can msg: metallicaNLC when you’re online/ready

I got grogs at OP8. Are you looking for one with a blade for X2 multiplier?

I just want as many as i can get my hands on, will be on xbox later tonight

My gamertag is ValkyriesHero

If you know anybody with a low level one would be especially helpfull too