Looking for Grog Nozzle and Last Call skin

Looking for lvl 72 or OP6 grog nozzle and the Last Call siren skin
PSN: Guitarlord2002
Edit: No longer looking for grog
Still looking for Last Call skin

level 72 grog nozzle, any prefix you prefer?

Nope just want a grog

then friend me if you want

anything else just ask.

Don’t suppose you’ve got some norfleets or elemental sandhawks?

I have the skin if you’re still looking. Psn is under my screenname

When will you be on?

In about 2 or so hours

level 72 sandhawks or norfleets? yes i have those

Cool, not sure i have much to give you in return, but of u wanna give me a fire and corrosive norfleet and same for the sandhawks. Ive already got a shock version of each. Id really apreciate it.
Psn - jackmistro2 message me

level 72 corrosive and fire norfleets and sandhawks? can’t message you on ps4 because of setting.

What is ur psn. I’ll add u