Looking for grog nozzle level 50

I am looking for a grog nozzle I am willing to give level 50 slag norfleet level 50 unkempt Harold and level 50 shock bitch

I’ve got a lv50 grog nuzzle you can have

What’s your gamertag

Can I get in on that?

What’s your gamertag I

my GT is OtherDarksun2

sorry i only have the one

Do you want the items I’ll add you in 3 hours or so I’m not at home with Xbox right now

i dont need the items but im gonna have to go to work in a hour but ill have the day off on monday

OK then we can trade Monday cuz I’m probably not gonna be there until like 2 hours I might get there maybe not


OK notify me when you leave so I can know whether or not to message you on xbox

i’ll be gone in 30 minutes but it wont be all night so ill reply either tonite or sometime monday

I have to go to bed by 11 so if you get there by then we can trade

whats your time zone? im central

It’s1805 jere

best guess 6pm?

6:05 here’s

ok im an hour behind you so best time would be monday then

Ok Monday then