Looking for Grog Nozzle lv72. (lv 72 Legendaries to trade)

If you have a lv72 Grog Nozzle from the loot hunt, I would love to trade with you. Don’t really want to farm the quest reward version because I would have to reset and the parts would change after every save and quit. I have a number of lv 72 legendary items to offer.

2x Bees (One lv71 and one lv72)
1x Impaler
1x Neogenator
1x Cradle

2x Straight Shooting Maggie
1x Reactive Conference Call
1x Bada Boom (lv72)
1x Mongol
2x Burning Infinity

1x Lobbed Bonus Package (lv 71)
1x Contraband Sky Rocket (Based on player level)

Class Mod:
1x Legendary Mechromancer
1x Legendary Psycho
3x Legendary Gunzerker
1x Legendary Commando
1x Legendary Siren

1x Blood of the Ancients (lv65)
1x Sheriff’s Badge (lv50)


Send me a message on xbox if interested.