Looking for Group - Advanced mode - The Saboteur

Been trying like hell for Boots of the Brute but pick up team randoms aren’t cutting it. Anyone wanting to team? PSN: Saboteur-6

Same here. Add me. Psn: Yinoko

Hello, I added the OP the other day. Feel free to add me. Should be running adv saboteur later this afternoon/ evening. Otherwise, I am always willing, if online. I currently have 5 BB at rank 13 and 8 at 12. PSN ID langfordrocks. Thanks

If you’re still looking for someone to play, I’ll happily join in. PSN: Flyux. I should always be on. :slight_smile:

added you on psn bro. Need boots of the brute too.

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Looks like I’m late lol, did you get your boots?
Mine are .01% off perfect. POINT ZERO ONE PERCENT! Makes my OCD rage.
I have a Stolen Edge of Arcvynnor .01% away from max stat as well :frowning:

I know I haven’t had the chance much to try. Definitely priority next weekend though for “Bootacolypse”

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The devs should give you max stat Boots of the Brute just for that.

The Bootpocalypse is upon us! Anyone wanting to do Boots of the Brute run hit me up. I’m on now for several hours!

PSN: Saboteur-6