Looking for group for boldur lore

Psn is Burn3385…looking for a group to knock out the 5 eldrid lore

I’m down coz I need it too. 5 person private match doing story missions and we can both be Boldur

Which time zone u at? or where ya from specifically?

Florida…gotta get 3 more

PSN is strangedummy. On the west coast and usually around during the day.

I need it too. Psn yinoko

I could do with grabbing this for my Boldur too if youre still looking, I’m UK based mind you.
PSN: Mortisaetas

I’ll add you and everyone else who posted psn ID. Not sure if op is still around though.

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@SOLARN01SE Cheers, hopefully manage to get it done at some point :slight_smile:

I would like this as well. My ID is Mister_Desmond