Looking for gun build for zero


this is my build idk how good it is or not but i was going for more of a gun purist build but i dont know what gear to use for zero and what fits him more

I am having fun with the Pistol Build found on here.


thx for the reply wasnt sure how active the forums are when i get to lvl 72 ill be sure to try it out

Going deep into Sniper is only worthwhile if you’re planning on using snipers. Also, Two Fang and Unforseen are far more useful than Fearless.

I second the Pistolero build.

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i looked around a bit and people say that unforseen becomes weaker when reaching op 8 but ive never made it there so idk i went far into snipers because i was gonna have a hybrid gear set of snipers and normal guns maybe pistols or somthing but now that you say it i might not use snipers as much so ill invest in a different skill adn with two fang i heard it messes up the fire rate for smgs and other fast fire rate weapons and ya i was going to put the point from fearless into unforseen but i wasnt sure if it loses its viablity later on i the op levels

does this look any better ill probably mainly be using smgs shotguns and pistols

The skill used to be terrible before the 2015 patch and a lot of people haven’t really given it a chance since - it’s extremely good now. I have Unforseen at 4/5 on my OP8 character. It happens to be boosted much of the time with a shock Bone - it’s still quite powerful. Sub-OP levels, it’s very powerful even at 3/5. There’s (almost) no reason to take Fearless over Unforseen.

Not exactly : it just doesn’t work on high rate-of-fire guns (apparently 10 and up). It doesn’t have any negative effect. I don’t really use the skill unless I have a COM to boost it.

The only thing I’d suggest is Execute. Just one point and it’s hugely beneficial. Obviously it’s great for a Killing Blow, but it’s also useful for getting closer to a target for a big shotgun blast.

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so i changed it up a bit i wasnt sure weather to put points into two fang or not so i know im probably gonna have a harold in my weapon slots and a grognozzile or rubi or somthing so i put some points from precision into it sense accuracy doesnt matter all that much when im using multi pellet weapons here is the build now let me know if there anything i should change also what gear should i use for him i know ill have a slag pistol maybe the harold a norfleet or something to that sort and maybe a conference call but idk about the other gear items


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That looks good.

The only thing you should be aware of is that Velocity will affect guns with splitting bullets. Harold, Lyuda for example : the split will occur farther away. Sometimes this is good, sometimes less good (Harold will be poor at very close range).

The Pimpernel is the only gun you really have to be concerned about though. If you use it with Velocity, the flowering pellets will be totally useless.

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alright thx for the replys ill be sure to use a shotgun or smg at close rang and use the harold from a far but i planned on being decent length from the person im fighting anyways but ill more then likely use a conferencr call for short range and a harold for long and use a slag weapon for healing and a norfleet for damage on big enemies

What you have is pretty close to what I used for my Zero to get to OP8:
As for guns and gear:
Rapid Infinity
Casual Swordsplosion
DPUH (for FFL)
Legendary Killer com
Magic Missile level 35
Sheriff’s Badge

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ya very similar except i was gonna change up the gear a little bit i was gonna go for a
and a conference call
for the otheres i was gonna get a
legendary killer or hunter
magic missle or bouncing betty
sheriffs badge or maybe bone of the ancinets

That is quite similar (now) to what I had on my first ever lvl 72 character. It’s “quite rare” to say the least but if you get your hands on a good Bekah you might have fun with that. You could also try out Kitten, it’s pretty good. Maggie can work pretty well as does the Bitch (and good plasma casters) but I wouldn’t call them supergood.

You should have some other backup shield instead of relying on the Bee, in case that is what you are doing. If you want some deviation you could also try adding some more Torgue there and go for an explosive relic; I’ve seen people climb to OP8 before with something similar to that. Collecting a set of Bones is a good idea.

Can’t say that I’ve ever done any serious Hyperious farming but the one and only Norfleet I ever got was in slag- I was gifted others when I still played on the 360 but considering they were most likely ‘constructed’ (since they guy that dropped them also dropped a Maya com with +7 to a skill) I never used them. Good luck getting what you want…

ya i was thinking of making a second loadout for different types of enemies or raid bosses

ive heard its one of the best guns in the game so i wanted to get one but ya my luck is pretty bad so it will prob take ages to get the exact one i want

You could say that. It’s obscenely powerful. However if you don’t happen to get one a Topneaa (E-tech Vladof launcher) is a very good and easy to find RL. You can run Mercenary Day train farm for a while and you should come up with a few to pick the best one or two out of the bunch.

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Badaboom is a stellar rocket launcher. I only use the Norfleet for OP8 runs on the Peak - and even then just for surveyors. Otherwise I prefer the B-boom (or another gun type entirely).

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Best depends on what you want to do- there of vids of folks using Zero to kill Hyperious with the white starter pistol from Claptrap’s place so yea- if you want one just to say you have it go for it but considering RL ammo is a scarce find and it’s very expensive unless you go Shamfleeting it’s really only used for FFL situations- and as others above me have pointed out more easily available options are around. Just try not to get too hung up on the idea that you ‘need’ a Norfleet (unless you specifically want to shamfleet that is…).

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