Looking for hardcore Aurelia DPS Build

Hey there, I’m new to this forum. I don’t mean to sound like I’m begging, but here’s the story. My really good friend has started playing as the baroness and is having a hell of a time getting used to her. His birthday is coming up in a few days and I wanted to suprise him with a kickass Build, complete with best weapons, shields, mods, etc,etc to go with the skill point spec. He like’s to do a lot of damage, so I am hoping to get my hands on a really good DPS build for him. And please don’t tell me to suggest he use Nisha or Fragtrap. (Already suggested and he is pretty stuck on wanting to use the Baroness. Thanks in advance guys!

Depends on what he wants.
Does he like cryo?
Is he OK with large caliber?
Does he prefer sniping?
Does he play a lot of coop?
How does he feel about explosive or Jakobs weaponry?
The answers to these questions will probably determine what kind of build people suggest, because Aurelia can hit stupid numbers with a lot of different builds, but your friend’s playstyle will be the determining factor in what people recommend.

He is pretty much open to everything, be it distance or right in the thick of things. He plays a LOT of co-op. He’s NOT hugely fond of explosive damage, though he is starting to re think that after seeing my Fragtrap in action. He DOES love cryo weapons, though. He enjoys sniping, though he is much more of a fire from the hip type person.

That’s exactly how I like to play. You could suggest my build guide to him. But pretty much all the builds around the Aurelia sub-forums should do the trick. Unless he wants to specialize in their coop tree. In that case I can’t help you at all.

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That is perfect man! Muchos gracias, my friend! My buddy is gonna LOVE this.

For a build without sniper rifles and since you said he often plays co-op I would suggest something like this:

In combination with a Celestial Class Mod.
He can also take one point from Whiteout and put it into You First if he likes to support his servant.
Weapons for this build are very flexible and at this point, where the new DLC just went out it’s impossible for me to know which of the new glitched weapons is the best.
I currently use a cryo Rosie for general mobing and bosses, a Pepperbox for cryo resistant enemies and long range killing, an Ionizing Dichotomized Splitter (shock element) for bosses with huge shields and a Badaboom (explosive element) as oh sh*t button. The Pepperbox and the Splitter I got as random drops so I have no idea if they drop somewhere specific.
Otherwise I use the 3DD1.E as Oz kit, the Prismatic Bulwark as shield and a Quasar as Grenade.
For more survivability he also can use a cryo Leech.

I know this isn’t a full guide but I wanted to suggest a build that is more like you described your friends preferences and which prefixes/ parts/ luneshines/glitches are best isn’t that hard to find out.
For glitches I can recommend this video:

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Very cool! I will take what you said into consideration. Will definately check out that video. Thanks for the input! :slight_smile: