Looking for hellfire,flakker,ice Lucian’s Call [FOUND]

willing to trade for some of my legendarys. tell me what you want for them and ill see if i have the items.all my items are level 50.i got clonging hex ice,decoying vanquisher radiation,extanded nemesis corrsive,night hawkia ice,venomous barrage corrosive,trained ripper,shocking warlord,arcti zeroad kanos ice,redundant bransformer shock,mainstream bitch,handsome jackhammer shock,radiation conference call,wicked wagon wheel,corrosive oozing potent raisen thorn,the lab,the boring gun radiation,lyuda,shock storimg infinity pistol,

are you playing a moze? because thats what i main so have lots of those items and still looking for more, i would like the cloning hex and i have multiple different types of flackers as well have multiple recurring hex rad’s. psn name is finalterms usually online at 6pm pst

also have a moze anointed hellfire first 2 clips do 40% more fire dmg

yup i am thanks ill add you ill take the hellfire psn bleachvsnaruto61

i have psn on my phone so i can add you as friend right away so you’ll know when im online at home

I have a cryo lucian’s call. Dot you have a radiation or shock flakker? If not I’ll take the storming infinity pistol

only got shock infinity pistol

That’s fine. My psn is Cam01md. Should I mail it to you or have one of us join the other’s game?

Ok. I sent you a friend request