Looking for help getting to OP8

Hello fellow raiders!
I’m currently OP2 (Mechromancer). And for the life of me, I can not even get to the end of the Digistruct Raid to progress. Not sure if it’s my setup or my weapons or a combination of both.
I’d love some help.

PSN: bighunt15

My GT is NEILYSNIPER 75 I have school tomorrow I’m Scottish but I’m op2 I need help aswell wanna play ?

Add me. Lord_Sylton on ps4. I helped another vault hunter today. Got him from op0 to op7 in about 2 hours. I should be in most of the day tomorrow CST north america. Im usually up at 630am and am off and on throughout the day.

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Thanks. I’ll add both of y’all.

I look forward to the new challenges!

I live on the East Coast of US and am on periodically.

I have the standard headset and mic if you’d want to chat.

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YO this guy helped me tond shout out to him he hooked me up and all that! much thanks !!!

I do power leveling and op levels. If anyone wants to return the favor and power level my gunzerker it will make doing the op levels that much easier.