Looking for help op lvls

looking for people to run op lvls with im op 1
i want to get to op8 but have no one to play with
psn: Og_Jerermyy

Can give you a hand mate, Not sure how far we can go as i had a full team when I went too Op8.

Some ppl can glitch it too the boss but ive only ever done it the long way :slight_smile:

whats ur psn ?

will be on later

ok i will add u

I can help you to OP8 if you still need.

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Well, if the brilliant but brittle @tesanmartin’s in then sign me up!

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Too late…I got him To op8.:sunny:

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Damn @Sun_Tsunami, knew it! Well, never liked you anyway :yum:


Could you help me to OP8?
PSN: Get-Smaed

I’m sure we can. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Ok, added you.