Looking for help power leveling zero to 50

If you could that would be awesome add me my PSN is echntr

Do u have the ultimate vault hunter upgrade pack 2 if u do I will get u to level 72 and give u da best guns in the game they all do over millions of damage u can have them but they r lvl 72 though

No I rebought the game on a different system so I don’t have the dlcs only big game hunting and pirates booty

Could we fight a raid boss to get crystals though so I can get a lv 50 shrepe gun

Sure just add me my name is zambiesmatter109 I think

Okay cool I can’t right now though just finishing painted and redoing a
room In my house so I’ll be on at around 8:30 if that doesn’t work for you
I can be on tomorrow

Ok I’m at school any ways I’m only 14. Wat about the weekend

Okay man I have school tomorrow I’ll be on Saturday because I’m
Celebrating my birthday with some friends on sunday

Ok happy birthday for Saturday


No problems how old r u now

Where do u live in Australia or America cause I live in Australia

Well Canada also if it’s cool I kinda want to keep my personal info to myself you know just in case of creeps not saying you are one but you know just in case

Yeah I understand what is da time over there is it 1 30 over there

It’s 4 hours earlier over here

Ok what time will you be awake then over there

Sorry I can’t play my pen account has been banned for a few months my mate was over and was hacking in to every so it has been banned for a few months lucky

Oh that sucks what game were you hacking