Looking for help with a Zane damage issue

I posted this in the recent hotfix forum and was told this might get good traction here. I am newish to the game, but new to the forums:

I am here to see if anyone is aware of the following issue:

I am not sure what information is relevant and what is not, however:

When playing as Zane, and focusing my build around speed damage & having two action skills, sometimes my damage is nonexistent / lagging by a few seconds. Specifically noticed with the Lob, when I am running around, and firing a single lob (i do have a 90% chance to fire two projectiles) and the class mod that allows me to activate kill skills through damage) the lob does damage. When I fire two or three lobs, they do damage. However, when I fire say, 6-12 rounds from the lob, eventually, the damage numbers disappear and the health bars of those i’m firing at, do not lower.

Sometimes, when I am firing at an enemy following me (the following is not relevant though I say this because it is easier to notice as the distance between us is quite short), the lob projectile will go through them, and their health bar will not change… however if I cease fire and watch their health bar, a few seconds will pass and i will see the damage be inflicted, which is to say I see not only the health bar lowering, but animations from damage also take place.

I cannot be certain that ALL damage is lagged, which is to say I cannot be certain that some damage is simply not being applied.

Unfortunately, I made this build during the last two weeks, and cannot say whether this issue was already existing or is a result of any changes.

I am wondering if this is on anyone’s radar.

I have plenty of saved video clips that display this issue quite well (PS4)

Thank you, and I enjoy the game.

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I can confirm. I’m only having, or just have noticed that issue with the Lob.
To many projectiles lag out the game for some reason.

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It is an issue with the Lob since patch to M2.0 I believe.

Do you have any data to back this up?

Are there any ways to get some eyes on this? Should I perhaps post this elsewhere or make a ticket somewhere?


Ive been noticing the bug during takedown. Its like im not doing damage at all. The game is really buggy mayhem makes it worse.

You are the real MVP. thanks for the links


Kinda unreal this topic comes up now.
Thought it would be a interaction with amara.

Well good to know, from now on i will avoid the lob.

Yeah I was using a Lob to chew through Wardens’ armour and it was a case of spam the shots, back off, watch the bar drop. Damage was always being applied but had to wait for it at times lol.