Looking for help with obtaining seraph crystals

Have been working very hard at trying to be able to get to where I’m able to do this solo and it is seriously seeming almost impossible.

Anybody out there possibly willing to attempt teaming up for raid bosses would be so very much so greatly appreciated…

Am level 69 Siren currently.

If there is any info I left out that you would like to know before deciding to help are not just let me know and I will include it here.

I have never CO Opd before so I’m totally new to it though I promise to practice proper etiquette and learn as I go.

:unicorn: Gotta get me some of those precious gorgeous beautiful Seraph Crystals :unicorn:

I can Help you get some, won’t go to much detail as you’ve seen my help thread, Just shoot me a message if your on between 9pm to midnight EST

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