Looking for help with Who You Gonna Call achievement this weekend (4/10-4/12)

Posted this on Steam too, but figured no harm in also asking here.

I have a level 31-ish Athena who hasn’t done the mission on normal and a level 37 Fragtrap who hasn’t done the mission on TVHM. Can anyone help me get this achievement? (I really hate these co-op achievements…)

Pretty much free all weekend so I will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to try to do this if I can get three people to help.

I can just park my lvl 70 in your game for the body count if you like.

wintypes / Ha_Na

It’s ok, I got it, thanks :smile:

Heh, figures, I try for days on the Steam forums and nothing, then as soon as I post here I manage to get a party on the Steam forums.