Looking for help

Im rather new and im only at lvl 17 and i just want to kinda blow through this game and learn to work in a team and get good weapons…is anyone willing to give simple help

What character do you run?

Gunzerker and next siren

Cool. We play Zero/Maya. We could use someone to sit up front and eat bullets.

We’re in the mid 50’s levels though. So, you won’t be current for a while.

How can i level faster

Do you have the TORGUE DLC? If so the Bar Room Brawl is a good place to go.

If you join someone else’s game who is a higher level than you are, you’ll gain more points.

Everybody on the team gets points for every kill, even when someone does the actual kill. If you’re lower level than the creature killed, you get bonus points. That will push you forward faster.

A lot of people do not like playing with lower level people because they won’t do much damage to the enemies/creatures. It makes them a liability because they get dropped quickly and often. That also means that the higher level people have to spend that 5 seconds picking you back up and drawing fire.

Yea i played several times the first time i played with zero…but is the bar room brawl does the dlc go by your level

It will if you’re in UVHM. Otherwise, it scales to the progress in the game.

Im not slow but uvhm…