Looking for Hex grenade mod!


I’m looking for the legendary grenade mod “hex” , I got lots of great stuff to trade, Lyudas and I have about 30 million bucks if that interests you.

Epic Game id: Pejnies

Can U post your lyuda? If it is fire and stats I like I can give double mirv hex shock


That’s my lyuda

dang wish it had mag size, not fire rate, i will think about it. but i do not see a level it is badly cropped it sure is level 50 right?

Click the image :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s lvl 50

find me on hexxy sexy i will be online in an hour maybe. i think this is a decent trade but i defo wanted bigger mag for lower rof or dmg.i guess i will make do.

Sent you a friend request!

I have several Mirv-Taculars Hex. I Will trade one for a Jacobs Bloodsoaked Headsplosion Legendary