Looking for Ideas: 1 HP Band of Sitorak Build

There was a post earlier that inspired me to look into what would happen if you made a 1HP Band of Sitorak build. The results were interesting – with a deathless relic and 3/3 into TRL and 5/5 into Vladof Ingenuity, you get get a shield with roughly 18k health that starts recharging in under 2 seconds and is full recharged in another 2-3 seconds. You can buff that further with the Low-Life class mod (every extra point into TRL adds 3k or so to your shield health) and relics that add shields/HP and reduce shield recharge delay.

As for the rest of the points, you can either put 8 into Demo Woman to pick up MoD for a splash damage build and dump the rest into Bottomless Mags or put everything into Bottomless Mags. The one thing I’m still trying to figure out for the latter is ammo sustain because 1 point into Redistribution simply isn’t enough.

The 1 HP Band is tough, but not immortal. It performs well at medium range where you can break line of sight long enough to refill your shield when it starts to get low. I think it will really sing when paired guns that have good burst damage and reasonably good accuracy.

I tested both the red/green and red/green/blue skill layout against the Slaughter Shaft using a couple of different weapons:

– Q-Systems with 50% extra shock/corrosive damage for 2 mags
– Splash damage anointed and unanointed Westerguns and Kyb’s Worths
– Various legendary Hyperion SMGs (Crossroads, Cheap Tips, Handsome Jackhammer, etc)
– Various Jokabs mashers and legendary pistols
– Burzums, Mngwas, and Ghaashs
– The Boomer SMG

The four things I intend to test next are the Ion Laser, Laser-Sploder, Nighthawkin’ and Butcher (finally got a Low Life with accuracy bonus!). I am also going to see what sort of difference swapping out the Low Life for a legendary class mod makes in terms of DPS.

Does anyone else have thoughts or ideas?


I tried this a long time ago, biggest problem was it isn’t viable for difficult content like shafts. You get one shotted a lot more than with +40k shield.

I forget what my total shield was but I have a sitorak with +50% health that was converted to shield so that helped a bit.

I bounced between a +3 DM +2 TRL and a +3 DM +2 click click mod. The +2 click click with forge capstone was a lot better, I did more damage and survivability was pretty much the same. You either die in one hit or you don’t, doesn’t seem to make a huge difference between 15k and 30k shield.