Looking for infinity pistol

Looking for infinity pistol pls give me a spare one or any other pls give me the infinity pistol plzzzzzz

PS4 or X1? Let me know and Ill move you into the right place. As it is, you didnt post in any sub-category.

Xbox 1

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Pls thx

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Clayhalvy Xbox 1

Still looking and no one has helped me

Help with OP8 terramorphus and I’ll give u one.

I am a level 50 looking for a infinty

Mines an OP8. Sorry.

Whiskey you still need help with Terra?

you guys doing terra? I’ll help

If you farm doc mercy you can earn an infinity pistol for yourself rather than asking people on the forums to give you one that they put time in to get. He’s fairly easy to farm and I’ve gotten several to drop from him. In the amount of time it took to post here you could have killed him like 10 times. My gt is Sensitive Bill if you want me to show you the fastest was to farm doc mercy.


hey do you have a spare infinity for me please? I’m on Xbox one

I have lv 50,72, op5, and op8.

XB1: JediGanja
Also willing to coop with ppl. Currently OP5. Will coop at any level though.

No i dont.

i would level up first then look for an infinity

Im trying to get a low lv infinity pistol to lv up somr of my characters can any1help im on xbox 1

Nevermind doc just droped a lv8 one