Looking for info on Luck

I have an artifact that gives me +5.00 Luck but not much else. Is 5 a good amount? How high does luck go? I thought I could just equip it before opening certain chests or boss battles. Is it worth the trouble?

12,73 is max from artifact iirc. It’s hard to say if it’s worth using it, I prefer artifact with good damage bonus or other stat.

Luck is practically useless compared to Mayhem Modifier bonuses.

No one is going to be able to give you a clear answer on what exactly it affects and to what extent. You can find some statistical results out there though. I didn’t find them compelling; I saw results that showed fewer legendary drops with higher luck bonuses.

You can have it on while leveling casually before you get to Mayhem, and you might notice some better drops. Maybe it’s a placebo, maybe not. As said above, just pick the artifact that you like the best.

Esoterically, I think luck stats on gear in all loot games is awful. There shouldn’t be incentive to not use the good gear you’ve earned, in the hopes that you get better-er gear by using weaker gear for a while. Every item should make you more powerful; that’s the point of the game.


I’ve seen 12, but there are those that swear by it. After the first Graveward nerf and it was only dropping 2 legendaries at a time some here threw up screen shots of it dropping 5+. He swore it was stacking luck and that he only played online.

Bloodstained begs to differ. Just saying, for farming luck is King (in Bloodstained, not sure here) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was using an artifact which increased my luck by a considerable amount while reducing my healthpool by 75% at the same time. I cant be sure that the luck increase is an equal amount but the wording and the severe penalty indicate that its more then a measly 12,73%

And to be honest…using it hasnt net me any noticable increase in drops when I went with it. Dont know if its bugged or luck is simply a harsh mistress but personally I dont bother with it anymore. 500% from M3 seems plenty enough

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There I wasn’t trying to argue whether luck on gear is effective, rather that luck shouldn’t be on gear; in this particular genre it shouldn’t be. It detracts from the reward loop by forcing you to decide whether to enjoy your power or seek more, rather than combining both.

Unless I’m mistaken, Bloodstained is a different genre of game to Borderlands, Diablo and the like. It may not be so intrusive and lackluster in an Igavania game. I enjoyed the Thief class run in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. What a GBA title, my goodness. I had no idea the game was going to open up multiple ways to replay after I finished it the first time. Fond memories.

Check out deadzpikes on YouTube. He has been doing a decent amount of testing with and without the different luck relics.

yeah i saw his video… honestly it doesn’t seem like the luck artifacts really do anything.


If this helps I play split screen with my second character having the relic that lowers his health while boosting luck. And I have a relic that raises my luck by 12 on my main character. I was using a relic without any luck for a while and 9 times out of ten I would get more legendary drops for the character with the luck relic. I went back to using the luck relic on my main character and am seeing about the same amount dropped for both my main and my secondary character. I use two characters in coopetition mode to get double the amount of drops in total.

Nah, at its core it is a looter. Yeah it’s not fps, but you farm, craft, farm some more, all looking to make yourself as bad @$$ as possible.

It’s one of my current jams until I hear the console crashing is fixed.

If you haven’t given it a go I highly recommend it. Just getting ready to start the outer worlds, and can, sadly, recommend destiny shadow keep. Trust me I don’t want to but it is really good.

Thanks everyone for your input. Just before this post I nabbed an artifact with 7.67 Luck. I think I may just put it in the safe, at least until some more concrete info is released about Luck.

I found a Loaded Dice relic which “significantly raises” your luck (who knows what that means) and it also has the +12 luck modifier. It seems to help, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what these unmeasurable modifiers mean, or how good +12 is in the overall scheme…

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Like others have said I’d have to wait until we have some concrete evidence on what luck does specifically and in terms of the numbers.

Another thing to keep in mind is if your sacrificing it for the ability to kill at a higher rate. If I can kill ten mobs in ten minutes on MH3 with my dps artifact but it takes me twenty minutes with my luck one then the luck has to be very powerful to outweigh the odds of getting something good based on sheer numbers.

The lucky diice…
Did some teting with it very early on with the Jabermogwai before they fixed him…
It seemed to make my drop rate on legendary items MUCH lower. But the ones that were dropping had more anonitments.
(this just an estimate based on what I observed)
After about 20 minutes you could get an average of 25 to 30 drops without the dice and maybe 5 to 7 of theses would be anointed.
With the dice on in the same 20 minutes time you would get about 10 to 15 drops and get a higher anointed rate of about 8 to 10. The higher anonited amount was the only difference between using the dice or not. And the anointments while using the dice weren’t any better for me.

Note; I only tested this for about 6 hours of gameplay not 6 days or weeks. This was very early on before hotfixes and patches.
And just my observation. RNG is different for everyone…

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This video goes pretty deep into the Luck mechanic and what it actually affects. You should have a better understanding after watching this. The creator did a great job here.

Luck was meant to increase the quality in items you get, not the amount im fairly sure so his test is pretty obsolete in that regard.

RNG is a cruel mistress… And effects everyone differently.
Just to give an example take Rakk Man.
I tried to get him to drop his unique legendary during rare spawn week, no luck for me… That jerk wasn’t giving it up for me.
My friend not only got him to spawn with almost no effort after the event but got him drop it on his first go.
The opposite happened with us with the “messy break up” shield.
I got it on my play through and again on my first shot after I went back on MH3 at level 50…

At Guardian Rank 209ish I usually run with a luck mod on, I have 13% luck from guardian points and the generic luck boost from the guardian rank tree. I’m not going to say the drops are amazing but with the gear I have at this level it increases the difficulty a little bit (using loaded dice so it drops hp too.) At this point finding new items is really hard so I feel like every little bit helps on my rolls. I run on TVHM/Mayhem 3 and usually get almost a full bag of gold items by the time I’m done. Killing everything is more important than boss farming IMO because it is RNG on every single roll you do. I tend to get most the golds right now from badasses and skulls while on a killing streak.

Any and all luck based items I throw off a cliff into the world below. I honestly think they are cursed, and have never been brought luck with them. I legit have a growing hatred of them, and can’t give concrete proof why. Just my experiences. They make my hair stand on end. They scream evil.

Just…my input. I guess to answer your question, I think they are cursed and will ruin your loot drops, house hold, and marriage.