Looking For Info / Sharing Thoughts - Future Plans

While having read the official Battleborn post regarding future direction…

Please note that anything I say in this post is purely my opinion I am not here to complain about DLC prices or anything else I am simply looking for further information on the future of the game.

I am curious if anyone knows or has any information of what the games life span is intended to be. From my enjoyable experiences during the beta I am ideally looking forward to a game that will continue to expand and evolve over the next few years not just dead end after some DLC, as a hybrid shooter/moba with story line and unique characters I feel it has a lot of directions to explore, including long term competitive style game play with a continuous release schedule like most standard mobas.

The story line can be expanded logically so can the universe if the content required it. “Reclaiming more than just solus” etc.

Individual heroes can be brought to life through lore expansions events or even game modes.

You name it they have a wide field to play with barring the release of the stated 5 characters and new story missions has anyone got a clue what direction gearbox/2k are planning to take?

If you have any ideas or directions you would like to see the game in please discuss them here I would like to hear idea’s I haven’t thought of and if anyone has any news. If this has been posted before hand I apologise I have not seen it or honestly looked to hard. :stuck_out_tongue:


Given the amount of posts that have already descended into the F2P - P2W - DLC is bad discussion topics please don’t make another one here just open ideas and facts!

Happy Gaming Battleborn Community



most people say diablo 3 is a dead gam but i still see tons of people online. same with borderlands series, even the first one(and it’s an old game) sadly there are no more patches so hacked guns and stuff you pickup for example stay in your inventory forever.

anyways, i dont think this is the case with battleborn. i hope it stays at least as long as this generation.

In-terms of playability my expectation(s) of BattleBorn is for it to become a competitive game that will be frequently balanced and updated with new Battleborns/ Maps/ Story/ Modes/ Events and more…

I feel like this is a unique genre combination, It actually combines my most played genre with my 3rd most played genre, FPS meets MOBA, Borderlands meets League of Legends and so on… perhaps many of us can relate to loving FPS and MOBA alike, now we get to play both at the same time, isn’t that awesome?!

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There is so much this team can do with this game it’s not even funny. The story has the potential to go on for a very very very long time. Character builds can come from anywhere and paths can cross with other titles if they wanted.

I’m, very much, looking forward to what they do with this game.

If they add a ten wave horde mode or something similar to the ME3 multiplayer, I know at least six people that’ll play it for months.

Seriously. ME3’s still going.

This was also the big grab for many Halo and Gears of War players that were new to those franchises…

Gearbox are trying to make a game into a hobby of itself. That suggests quite a long plan.

Is there any source where they have spoken about this? I just find the flat price release with DLC a little incompatible with longer term goals unless your going to end up with a pile of DLCs that would frankly intimidate new players. Don’t get me wrong if the content is good and not tantamount to a micro transaction I have no problem paying for it.

I recall discussing a “multiple” season pass incident with one of the borderlands games which riled quite a few people though. Again no complaint I am just worried it will harm the future of the game.

In fully agree there is tons they can do with pve to hoard mode would be really fun I loved that game mode in GoW

I find that almost any game is still going but it’s a question of scale two years down the line you don’t want to be playing the same people every three matches. My example would be that I play LoL and find it stays unique not because of the variences of champions or content but the skill match ups and players.

Also, because they haven’t developed a LoL2…and never will.

As long as this game doesn’t turn into what Destiny did. Not in terms of game play or style, but the content and the subsequent releases of games that were CLEARLY part of the main $60 game…such as story line that just dropped off into the abyss after about 4 hours of playing…

Please, GBX, follow the way of LoL in terms of updates and patches. I’ll pay for a multi seasonal thing if that is where you go with it. Say, maybe you do 3-5 DLC’s a “season” at a fixed rate per, with bundles and such. I’d do that if it stays fresh.

It was in a private chat on Discord with Randy V.

Season really isn’t the best choice of words it’s more like an expansion and God I miss that word.

5dlcs bundled that release a decent amount of content should basically be classified an expansion and honestly thats how I’d prefer it. We used to buy expansions why shouldn’t we again. Enough of that rant. I just find that league stumbled on the best formula in terms of making money and remaining fair. Everyone has all the content required to play anything fairly and equally and they make bucket loads off cosmetics.

I don’t want this game to risk the destiny route.

This is why I started the thread there is no clear direction in these terms and it worries me because on the whole this is a game I want to be playing in a few years.

Also had a thought does anyone think the mode could suit a duel style map or mini feature of an area?

Oh awesome, take it I can’t get in on those :stuck_out_tongue:

@seraphoenix Meh, I did it for familiarity’s sake…
They are expansions. That’s it. I don’t know why they changed it to seasons either. It’s not like they have MULTIPLE years on those games that decided to call it a “season pass”. They are and were all expansions.

I think the term season pass is designed to cover dlc of all sizes from micro transaction to expansion I guess. Although your point about multiple years is why I’m worried. It’s just not entirely clear right now. I know I am worrying way ahead of time but that’s just who I am :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve only had the one, he just popped in that one time. I was a bit starstruck, so I just talked nonsense.

Haha interesting version of starstruck but I’d love to see the passion and pick the brains behind the design process. Also how did you earn the title of 4th prettiest moderator :stuck_out_tongue: just curious I haven’t seen 1 2 Or 3 ^.^

Just by default. @Kitty_Jo, @Derch, and @Giuvito are all young, fresh, and gorgeous, unlike me, who is at best ruggedly handsome but mostly just a bit crusty and old.

No reason not to be egotistical :stuck_out_tongue:

Keeping on topic at the same time would anyone like to see custom difficulty levels for the campaign or custom modifiers on private campaign servers. Just for the challenge or to experiment?

I’d like to see a funny way to call it “insane” in the game…maybe a BADAASSSSSSSSSSS!!! difficulty?
And definitely a Horde Mode for people that want to play with Friends…something LIKE Zombies, but an alternative to the Zombie thing because that is played out badly. It needs to have an endgame to that mode though. And possibly a nice reward at the end.

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