Looking for input on endgame Axton skilltree

So I’m still a ways away from UVHM and reaching level 72, but I’ve already been planning my skilltree for when I reach endgame (and I’ve been organically leveling into it and so far it’s working well, but I’m only level 39 in NVHM DLC).

The tree:

The basic idea was to build a well-rounded gun-focused build that would be gear-flexible. I’m not entirely sure what class mod(s) I will want to run with this yet, and that may warrant some adjustments from what I have planned as of now (what are some good options and what adjustments would be recommended with them?). I am planning on generally running high capacity shields to take maximum advantage of QC and the capacity buff on Preparation. I’m less concerned with raid-boss viability than with general gameplay effectiveness at 72 and into OP levels (so mobbing effectiveness is of primary concern, though it would be nice if it’s also raid-viable).

If you want to go with tanky shields then you really want Axton’s shield skills near max. If your primary weapons aren’t AR’s then there’s no real need for Overload IMO- same with Grenadier if you aren’t planning to go heavy with grenades. The last point on this build was put into Steady- if you really want Healthy put that point there and then run with a L. Soldier com (it’s generally considered his best com by far, unless you’re running specific weapons i.e. explosive weapons would be better off with a Grenadier com). If you don’t have a L. Soldier on hand a L. Engineer would work well also. This link here is to a BL2 class mods page- take a look and see what you might like: http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Class_Mod_(Borderlands_2)

IMHO…Legendary Soldier is better than Grenadier on explosive weps…

Because of the added Fire Rate, Gun Damage, Cool down time and movement speed. As well as additional skill points in other areas like Sentry which keeps Battlefront up longer with it’s additional Gun and Grenade damage.

Legendary Soldier is by far his best overall Com…again, IMHO

It really is: “Just like Christmas!”

There’s absolutely no excuse to not have the Longbow turret. It’s just one point and it massively increases your turrets survivability. Not to mention the ability for tactical placement of your turret. It should never be ignored.

Pretty much it. The Grenadier is only better for explosive builds when you want to kill with your grenades too. If you are using the Fastball or Torgue grenades, the Grenadier is a nice COM to equip.