Looking for input on endgame Gaige skill tree

Just looking for some input of my planned endgame skill tree for Gaige.

Skill Tree: http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#550050101000550000150500415150151051

Not quite sure what I want to do with last few points, definitely want everything in BFF tree I have except possibly Explosive Clap (not sure if Buck Up would be better or one of the remaining 1-pt skills in LBT tree). I’m happy with what I have from OC tree, since I have already filled that in as I’ve been leveling and I’m liking how it’s working so far.

Something off with your link because I keep getting a “404” error, but I think this is your build:

I would take the point from explosive clap and put it into the LBT tree. Since you’ve taken Discord on the right, I’d also move the 5 points from Cooking Up Trouble as well. (Well, you can leave 1 point in if you have a Leg. COM that can benefit.)

Here’s what I’d have:

That said, I’m currently running a Leg. Catalyst and using IO for slag, so my current build looks a bit more like this (from memory):

EE is not very useful with your build IMO: you’re not specced to kill through DoT.

@Chuck80 makes a good point. If you’re happy with the OC tree in your original build, and you want to keep the BFF side of things, I’d move those 5 points from EE to SoFG. Otherwise, you want to boost your elemental attacks to get the value from EE.

@Wingsday has a good write-up on Typecast Iconoclast here: Rational Anarchist is always worth more than Typecast Iconoclast

I wouldn’t go a full 5 points in it, the payoff isn’t really worthwhile. You could move some of those points to I/O, whether or not you want it boosted by the Catalyst COM.
As others have said, the LBT tree could either be fleshed out (notably with EB) or the points could be moved elsewhere. It depends a lot on your gear.

Not putting points in Cooking up Trouble is only useful if you frequently Discord-loop. I often find that CuT helps more (even in combat) than people think, although I’ve heard good arguments the other way as well. If you do Discord-loop in tight spots all is well.

I’d definitely refrain from 5/5 Close Enough. Partly because you don’t need it and you don’t need the ‘bonus’ free damage. (Raiding is another matter.)
Also because you have no points in Unstoppable Force. If that gets boosted by a Leg Anarchist COM you can enjoy not only an amazing movement speed burst, but (even more importantly) a skill to defeat pretty much every DOT which gets thrown at you while mobbing.
It’s very much like Maya’s Inertia in that regard. Getting your shield to full with 5/5 BSS is amazing, and shrugging off DOTs which might strip it again for a full kill skill duration complements it perfectly.
(Doesn’t help with the noise, alas.)

Buck Up is great when raiding but poor against mobs. It confuses DT’s AI, making him less effective, and Gaige already has excellent shield skills.

Explosive Clap doesn’t do much in the way of damage, but for a single point expenditure I don’t mind having a suicider or RPG enemy stunned and disoriented for several seconds.
It sometimes makes life both easier and longer :acmwink:

More Pep and Evil Enchantress are wasted points without a LBT/Catalyst setup. These points are better spent in skills like Unstopabble Force, for survivability, and 20% Cooler for more DT. This way you can also give DT a good shield, like a Roid or the Firehawk, and increase your overall DPS by allowing DT to damage too.
So5G can also help you if you go with Roid shields.

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