Looking for input on endgame Zer0 skill tree

Here is my planned endgame Zer0 skill tree:

It’s a Sniper/Gun Zer0 build, and I will mainly use Leg. Sniper com, might swap to Leg. Killer sometimes. I am aware that Velocity isn’t always worth maxing, and I will probably adjust the number of points I have there if I know I am going to use Pimpernel or Lyuda for what I am about to do.

Optics is bad, wasted points.
Kill confirmed is also unnecessary. Just 1 point for the COM bonus is enough
Other than that, pretty good :slight_smile:

So where would you put those extra 7 points (assuming 1 in Kill C0nfirmed)?

I would compromise a little bit more to get enough points to reach Followthrough, which is a GREAT skill. I would probably only put 1 point in Velocity since the COM boosts it (or none depending on the gun), so it would look like that:


Grim is excellent for snipers and killing blow can kill weakened foes that got too close without spending ammo, so it’s not a loss at all.

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Zer0’s Leg Hunter Com also work well with what Chuck suggested, that can be a great sniper com too.

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Killing Bl0w, Grim, F0ll0wthr0ugh and even Execute are good for all playstyles, not just melee.



I really started to like this.


That’s pretty much my intended endgame build for my sniper Zer0. The only differences are I don’t have any points in Velocity (I have four in F0ll0wthr0ugh) and I switched Rising Sh0t for Fearless, only because I tend to use a lot of Jakobs weapons.

I usually have 4 in followtrough too and zero in velocity but he wanted 1 atleast

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