Looking for input on my build

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Weapons: Shock Crossroads, Fire Crossroads, Fire Flakker. Nothing of note for the 4th slot, though I’m open to suggestions. Currentlythinking Corrosive Crossroads. Flakker is only used for boss fights.

Shield: Transformer for lack of anything better.

Grenade: Storm Front, though I don’t generally use grenades, so it sees little use.

COM: Phasezerker. Got a really nice one with +31% to both Cooldown Rate and SMG damage.

Relic: random one with +21% Cooldown Rate and 5 seconds of damage immunity when Health falls below 50%. Haven’t found anything better.

As the title says, I’m looking for input on my build, as nothing seems to quite mesh with what I’m doing. Some things that I think deserve explanation, in no particular order:

  1. I have 2 points in Violent Tapestry because nothing else strikes me as worth it. Alacrity doesn’t work, I’m using SMGs, so Remnant isn’t worth the damage, 4% Fire Rate is laughable, the only thing that I’m doing with my Rush stacks is Do Harm and Violent Tapestry, and I’m not sure 10% more effectiveness with them is worth it.

  2. I have no points in Infusion to maximize healing from Sustainment. This means that I had to put points into Wildfire to get down the tree.

  3. I’ve seen it said that the extra damage of Tandava isn’t worth the increased Cooldown, but I like the Splash damage it gets, so it’s fine for me.

Any input is appreciated.

You’re build looks pretty good! My main critique would be to take the 5 points out of restless because it in combination with the phasezerker class mod, reduces your cooldown by a negligible amount. In testing, having 5/5 in restless with the com takes off about a second or so from your cooldown. I would recommend putting those points into from rest and 1 into remnant. From rest is just a slight increase to fire rate and having 1 point in remnant is more than enough.

Remnant is definitely worth it, all you need is 1 point. It even works off of your Action Skill and iirc its boosted by either Do Harm or it just gets a huge increase from Overkill. (It can hit for like 20m and OHKO enemies)

Violent Tapestry is useless. Its a waste of skill points, use something else. The only thing its good for is getting a stack of Rush, but with Phasezerker you dont need it.

And Awakening is definitely worth it. You’ll be boosting your Action Skill by a lot, which in turn should boost Remnant

And for mobbing you can easily switch to Ties That Bind + Stillness of Mind to just destroy entire groups.


I use this and can run Ties+Stillness for mobbing, and Phasecast for bosses or just to destroy mobs when I want a change of pace. You can swap From Rest to Wrath if you want or any combo of those three, but I like the extra charge speed for when I use Maliwan weapons. Especially the Cutsman, even 21% makes a big difference.

Also try out some other relics / time your cooldown or look into the cooldown formula. phasezerker offers the biggest cooldown, after thst your grtting diminishing returns, and restless only adds a small bonus. You might only be looking at half a second or something w/ the relic. Still useful for spamming, but there are other options (like 40% Mag Size on some of them)

Also keep an eye out for an Elemental Projector, and use some low lvl grenade to srt yourself on fire / corrosion. You’ll get a huge dmg buff. And iirc the duration will even last longer on yourself since you’ve got Anima (low lvl grenades because the dmg is miniscule)

Good point about the Phasezerker making Violent Tapestry worthless. I’ll move those points to either From Rest or Awakening.

For Restless, is this with the Guardian Rank perk that gives increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate when your shields are full? Because I haven’t spent a single Guardian Token, and don’t plan to, so I don’t have that. Does that change anything?

As for the Relic, I haven’t found anything better. Mag size would be nice, but given that I’m not getting the Guardian Rank perk, I’m not sure if I can afford to lose the Cooldown rate. Personally, I’d love something that had both Cooldown and Mag Size, but I haven’t seen one of those yet.

Your build is ok bro!
I’d suggest only 1 point in Dread if you use Ties, since it’s definitely worth it (extra 15% is pretty good).

Maybe more weapon variety would also not do you harm. I don’t know, it’s kind of the funniest part IMO.

But: Are you having issues with your build?

I generally don’t use Ties, as it feels too much like Maya, and I don’t want to just play Amara as Maya 2.0. That’s why I haven’t taken Dread.

Honestly, I haven’t had any issues with the build, but I wanted to see if there were any tweaks I could make. One has already been pointed out with the points in Violent Tapestry.

As for weapons, I generally don’t have any issue with ammo, as SMGs have a pretty deep ammo pool. As long as I’m looting, I don’t have any issues.

The only thing I would get rid of personally is the flakker.A lot of people give it way too much praise on Amara.And its not so good.Atleast thats my humble opinion the rest looks good on paper.Even if you get a Tidal Wave it will feel better than a flakker on bosses.Any high DPS gun would also do just fine,even sticking to crossroads.

I do have a Fire Crossroads, and I have been farming Tyreen the Destroyer, so I’ll give it a try. Not sure I see what’s wrong with the Flakker, though.

Ah , absolutely nothing , like I said personal pref.I dont feel it deals enough for the slow fire rate it has.Atleast on Amara.She has so many other choices its unreal.

Ah. For me, it’s my boss melter. I haven’t had a huge amount of luck with drops, at least part of which is because I shoot a gun I don’t recognize, it doesn’t do anything crazy, and I toss it because the game is so new that there’s a lot of stuff that people still don’t know. I found 2 weapons I can’t remember the name of yesterday that I’d never heard of, and one of them seemed like nothing more than a standard Torgue pistol with Legendary rarity. With the Flakker, I know what it does, and it does what I need. Maybe there is better stuff. I have no idea what it is, and even if I did, the fact that everything is World Drop only means there’s a huge pool of items that RNG can decide to never give me. Only reason I have a Flakker at all is because a friend gave it to me.

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With the fix to Alacrity, I’ve revamped my build, so I figured I’d throw it up and see how things look. Everything is mostly the same; I’ve jusr updated the Skill Tree. It now looks like this.

I’m not a fan of Remnant. Partly because I don’t want to have to find the nearest save point when it decides to stop working, and partly because with the weapons I use, I see more tickles with it than kills.

I’m heavily invested in Restless because I don’t use Guardian Rank, and fully intend to never spend a single token. I did the same thing with Badass Rank in BL2, and never regretted it. In this case, it means that I won’t get Filled To The Brim, which is apparently a major source of Cooldown Rate. I’m therefore trying to make it up with Restless.

I should probably put a point into Dread, but I’m firmly anti Maya 2.0. I probably would use Phasegrasp when playing with friends in the Circles of Slaughter, but 90% of the time, I’d be using Phasecast, and it doesn’t seem worth spending the point on something I’d only get use from about 10% of the time. If I do take it, the point would be pulled from Wildfire.