Looking for input on what vault hunter to play based on playstyle

Good day all,

Since I am tired of restarting over and over due to my indecisiveness on what vault hunter to play, I’ve decided to come to the forums for some input. I am doing a fresh run to lvl 72 and maybe grind up to op8 in anticipation of the release of borderlands 3, and I dont have the time to focus on getting every class to level 72 due to work commitments and the 300 other games in my steam library.

I love shotguns and explosives, and I tend to like fast paced combat. It’s what draws me to old school shooters like Doom and quake, just being able to grab a combat shotgun, or the biggest gun available, and use my agility and situational awareness to zip around and go toe to toe with enemies as I turn them into paste. I also dont mind face tanking. Looking for a vault hunter that plays similar to those experiences.

So far I’ve narrowed my choices down to either:

Deputy salvador: gunzerking let’s me increase my movement speed and zip around while turning things to paste with an orphan maker. I dont really wanna play with the standard dpuh+grog combo since that seems like it gets boring very quickly.

Kreig - because kreig. Also he seems to generally do well with shotguns and explosives and has a very much in your face playstyle.

I’ve considered other vault hunters but only these 2 seem like they will give that feeling of pure brutality that old school shooters can give you.

Thanks in advance for any input! I generally am curious about what peoples preferences are and why.


Sounds like Sal is your friend. I play him similarly (also grew up with Doom and Quake games), skills distributed to get max. movement speed (which is a lot, up to +80% depending on situation) and nonstop gunzerking. You can go guns blazing like a maniac because of regenerating ammo. Two shotguns? Heck why not.

Krieg is great fun too and even more aggressive, but of course he’s mainly a melee character. You don’t have to play him melee, but his action skill replaces your guns with the buzz axe, so kind of the opposite of Sal. He’s also great for setting the world on fire if that’s your thing. But if you just want speed and guns, I’d say Sal.

Explosives, shotguns, fast paced combat.
Axton if you want a more focused experience
Krieg if you want mayhem at it’s best


Of all my characters, Gaige (using an Anarchy-focused build) is my most aggressive, in-your-face character. A kill gets you instant shield refill, shield regeneration, and fast movement speed, and at close range (like with a shotgun), you don’t have to sacrifice damage using Close Enough… just get actually close enough. If you can keep kills up with her, she can rock this combat style.


I’ve done the run to 72 and beyond with each Vault Hunter, and found each one changes the game enough to keep it fresh. But to address your question more directly, if traditional is what you’re looking for then Sal is probably the move. He’s more gear dependent, but will probably be the closest to the style you described. Krieg is something you have to experience first hand in my opinion, but given your description would take far more getting used to. Whoever you choose, there’s no shortage of folks around here that can help you get the most out of your character.

The only thing I feel the need to add is that for me Sal was the slowest starter of the group, so no matter who you settle on make sure you give them a full playthrough minimum before you second guess yourself. And don’t be surprised if you come back for each of them. I never thought I’d have so many toons when I started.


Thanks everyone for the feedback, I’ll give sal a go at least until tvhm and see how he feels once I can get gunzerking up and running constantly.

I second axton.