Looking for interesting ppl to raid with

Greetings I’m in the market for ppl to raid with etc as everyone I know quit the game after the first rounds of nerfs
Now as I’m in New Zealand match making is not a thing (been sitting on it for 2 hours so far waiting lol) and as such I have never done the raid but would love to get my feet wet and get some sweet loots

Or option 2 if u have a kybs u don’t want or need (I would trade but I’m a part time player so my stuff is outdated or useless I’m just starting to rebuild) feel free to send it to fuzzy_wyvernspur or add me if you wanna hit the raid hard

Hey, whilst I’m not in the market for a raiding party,I can hook you up
with some nice gear to ease the pain when you dip your toe! :grinning:

PSN dogstar13

Oh that would be awsome I’m still going thru the online rubbish figuring out what’s best for more and Zane thank you very much

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No worries, send a FR over and I’ll mail some gear to ya.

My Psn is the same as my handle here, Australia, Queensland Coast chur brother. Add

Fuzzy_wyvernspur just sent a add thank you so much for this

Sure, add me. I’m SuprSaiyanRockr.

I’m an Aussie currently living and working in China, so I’m in a +8 timezone.