Looking for items have items

Looking for an anointed slowhand. Preferably a x2 incendiary, shock, or corrosive with the anoint being 100% weapon damage, 120% splash or 50% elemental damage.
Also looking for elemental projector artifacts anoint mendels
Last stand relics preferably with aoe damage
Good blast master coms

I’ve got spiritual drivers, new dlc weapons, seein dead zane mod, lump, 100% redistributors/recursion, 50% ase transformers, its piss, recurring hex, got a couple moze x2 120 splash ion cannons, incendiary x2 ion cannon 300 phaseslam anoint, 100% ase autoaime, 125% x2 ion cannon

shock ion cannon is 250% phasecast? I have binary kyb’s worth cryo/fire 125% splash dmg

Got a Good elemental Projektor and Kybs worth with 125% splash and 100% ASE

Looking for redistributor with 50% Cryo while sentinel is aktive

And the it’s piss with 25% when thrown

Yea 250% weapon damage after using phasecast. That kybs worth sounds amazing.

I have neither

A good seeing dead mod ?

thanks for the trade, hope you like the kyb’s

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I’ll check. I dont play zane so I dont keep a whole lot of zane gear

Yea thanks man it’s perfect for my moze

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Updated wants