Looking for items

Since the cap is now 53, just wondering if anyone has any anointed flamethrower muskets, looking for general anointements, like next 2 magazines are 50% incendiary, or 30% life steal on attack command, and an anointed servos excute pistol from captain traunt, incendiary, i love fire, so I only want incendiary, and then a annointed ion cannon incendiary, and this is a good one, I still to this day need some good fl4k mods, the friendbot one where the pet gets revived when you get a kill, I’d want the health regen and action skill cool down perks if anyone has, and a good artifact, with health regen and action skill cool down. Ok just wanted to throw this out there in case people had them, would cut my farming time for sure.

So, I didn’t imagine that someone could use Muskets… I’ll keep the next anointed ones and send them to you for free then :wink:
just send me an invite (Psn Adrion54) with a message about Muskets, so I’ll keep you in mind !

Haha thanks! Will do

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Oh also my psn name is khajiit_kyle , just for those of you out there in the vast universe