Looking for Kawaii killer maya head

Anyone willing to spare one for my new maya character? XB1 GT Messeduppancake

Also looking for a Pretty in punk head

Will trade pearls, legendaries, seraphs, and money for this head

What would you trade if i can get this head for you? (pretty in pink head that is)

If i have the head ill send you a message on here to let you know.

Also message me when you’re on xbox so I can invite you! I’ve sent you messages before and you seem to not be getting them. So let me know!

Ah Ive been sending you a heap of messages too, Also I finally managed to find pretty in punk, Im only looking for Siren Kawaii killer head and zer0 galahad head

only gunna get it from vermivorous the invincible and i doubt anyone will give it away :confused:

I added you as a friend so check on there

Would easily trade an op8 norfleet for either of these heads

I want another Norfleet :frowning: I’ve only got 2 level 61’s
want op8’s

Got 2 op8 ones

dw I got 2 now

Alright, lemme know if you got any of these heads