Looking for kybs worth for splash moze

Looking for a shock/corrosive eviscerating mocking x2 damage kybs worth (should have around 34 or so in the magazine also). No annoitment needed, but if it is annoited, the splash damage annoitment is preferred.

Have full sntnl annoited redistributors to trade, and some other things. Let me know, and I may have it

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I have a corrosive/shock Kybs that has 125% splash damage on ASE.


I’ve got the cryo/incendiary and cryo/radiation ones for ASE 125% splash damage as well as the cryo/incendiary one for 120% splash damage after exiting Iron Bear.

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I don’t have a corrosive/shock one with that anointment. Want to swap? :slight_smile:

Got any god roll class mods or last stands?

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I should be getting one from another member.

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I have god rolls for Amara’s spiritual driver and golden rule, Moze’s bloodletter and mindsweeper, and last stand otto idols (shotgun, aoe, mag size, ASCR).

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@hughes8749 I have anointed corrosive/radiation if that works for your build.

What are the specs on Moze’s mods

  • Weapon damage +25%, Shotgun damage +31%, Grenade damage +30% (you probably have this already)
  • Weapon damage +25%, Damage reduction -18%, Weapon magazine size +24% (+1 TRL)
  • Splash damage +28%, Splash damage radius +29%, Grenade damage +30% (+1 TRL)
  • Splash damage radius +29%, Grenade damage +30%, Grenade radius +27% (no TRL)
  • Splash damage +28%, Grenade damage +30%, Weapon accuracy +32% (no TRL)
  • Splash damage radius +29%, SMG damage +31%, Action skill cooldown rate +31% (no TRL)

Saw you mentioned mind sweeper… any that specifically have + splash dmg, + pistol dmg, + weapon/ smg dmg
Or hyperion crit, splash dmg, grenade/splash radius

I have most, but I’d be interested in splash radius with SMG. What about in Blast Master? Looking for weapon dmg, splash dmg, smg dmg or grenade dmg

Don’t think I have good rolls for Blast Master.

The closest things I have:

  • Hyperion weapon critical damage +45%, Damage reduction -18%, Hyperion weapon damage +10%
  • Splash damage +28%, Grenade damage +30%, Grenade capacity +5

There’s a pretty good build with that last mod using Kyb’s Worth and the Big Boom Blaster shield.

Thanks for the response; although those aren’t quite an upgrade for me.
@N8d0ggz Ill have to check but i might have a BM for you later

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It would appear I’m still looking for the kybs. I made a mistake and forgot my corrosive redistributor isn’t sntnl annoited, but ase annoited

Do you have any rakk attack anointed gear?

Some not a lot. Have the mod, Maggie’s, and maybe some other stuff?

And a lucky 7 with rakk attack 25% critical