Looking for kybs worth for splash moze

Saw you mentioned mind sweeper… any that specifically have + splash dmg, + pistol dmg, + weapon/ smg dmg
Or hyperion crit, splash dmg, grenade/splash radius

I have most, but I’d be interested in splash radius with SMG. What about in Blast Master? Looking for weapon dmg, splash dmg, smg dmg or grenade dmg

Don’t think I have good rolls for Blast Master.

The closest things I have:

  • Hyperion weapon critical damage +45%, Damage reduction -18%, Hyperion weapon damage +10%
  • Splash damage +28%, Grenade damage +30%, Grenade capacity +5

There’s a pretty good build with that last mod using Kyb’s Worth and the Big Boom Blaster shield.

Thanks for the response; although those aren’t quite an upgrade for me.
@N8d0ggz Ill have to check but i might have a BM for you later

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It would appear I’m still looking for the kybs. I made a mistake and forgot my corrosive redistributor isn’t sntnl annoited, but ase annoited

Do you have any rakk attack anointed gear?

Some not a lot. Have the mod, Maggie’s, and maybe some other stuff?

And a lucky 7 with rakk attack 25% critical

I have a corrosive/shock and incendiary/cryo and incendiary/radiation. The first 2 with 125% splash on ASE anoint. Add me N8d0ggz .


Just send me a message when you get on. I’m running moze and my redistributors are all on my zane

Have Blast Master with splash damage, weapon damage, and grenade damage now.

I meant to reply to your post. What do you want for that Blastmaster?

What did you want for your kybs? Are you on now?

Yea I sent you a PM

Add me plz N8d0ggz

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