Looking for laid back group

Looking for group to join myself and my wife. We play both the pre-sequel and bl2 semi-regularly. We enjoy a fun loot sharing play environment.

Our current parties consist of Krieg 65 and Maya 64 for bl2 and Nisha and Willhelm both I think around 44.

We have all the expansions for bl2 save the headhunter packs and no expansions for the presequel but would purchase them if we found a good consistent group.

My gamer tag is Monkeyman3024 we’ll be on bl2 today. See you in the borderlands!

Thanks! I will be checking that out now. =D

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I have all the 3 games and DLC.
I try to play everyday for at least an hour.

Is always good to find new Vault Hunters.

GT: VegetaValpo

add me if u want gt is PeterL2014