Looking for Laser Sploder and Storm Front

I’ve got plenty of legendaries to trade, just let me know what you need please. Thanks!

I have a Sploder if you still need one.

Yeah, I still do

It’s a Rad one. I’m looking for 'nade mods… Preferably Recurring hex. As far as weapons go, I’m up for anything.

I don’t have the hex, but I’ve got a ton of guns. Anything in particular?

Do you have a Phasezerker mod? I got that extra sploder

anything anointed… No rowans call… I could use an infinity.

I got a Nuclear Infinity I could trade you for a Phasezerker com

I’ve got an anointed annexed damned and packed devastator

Infinity? If so, either will work

I got a Nuclear infinity. Do you have a Phasezerker mod? If so hit me up Ultrasound22

I can send either, your pick buddy

Hunter of you got a Phasezerker mod and want a sploder hit me up. I’m online now

I have a storm front, do you have any lyudas or flak class mods for the crit build?