Looking for last stand deathless artifact ,corrosive butcher and cutpurse deathless artifact

my gamertag is TonyTheAssasin (with one S on the end) i have 180 items in my safe so if you also need 2 things then i will look if i got the thing for you!

I’m pretty certain I have at least one thing your looking for. Would you happen to have a facepuncher anointed for 25% chance to apply terror on melee. Gt is ye_olde_wolf

Aii no i don’t have a facepuncher sorry.

No prob I check for you at some point. I’m at work, but if I get a chance to hop on this evening i will send what I got.

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Alright thank you. If you need anything else i’ll probably have it i hope😅.

Any annointed it’s piss grenades? I’m having trouble getting one of these

Have both last staND deathless
And catpurse deathless

Looking for a emp5 x2

Piss grenades? I don’t really know what that is. EDIT: i looked it up and yeh i don’t have that grenade mod. I could try to farm it for you.

Okay nice. But what is an emp5X 2? Is that some purple weapon? Because i only have legendaries or uniques in my safe. EDIT; i looked it up and i am sorry i don’t have those newest weapons. The main reason i ask for those is i also want to do the maliwan dlc but need better relics like the last stand deathless