Looking for Legendary Hoarder class mod

Hello. I’ve gotten back on BL2 after a LONG absence (I think nearly 3 years) since it became backward-compatible, and I’m working on getting all my characters up to OP8 (so that I can use the somewhat large cache of OP8 stuff I acquired before I stopped playing), and trying to line up a few pieces of gear that I was missing before.

I have nearly all the legendary class mods, with the exception of Legendary Hoarder, which is a bummer because Hoarder best suits the way I like to play the Gunzerker. I’m currently getting by with a blue Hoarder, but it would be nice to fill out the skill tree a little more. So I’m wondering if anyone has an extra one they’d be willing to part with? It doesn’t necessarily have to be max ammo regen rate, the one I’m using now is a 3-something and that rate works fine for me.

I am aware of how to farm them, and I did a LOT of it back when I used to play more. Even did it a bit yesterday with my Hellborn Krieg, who is still hilariously OP against most enemies. :smile: ) But no Hoarder has ever been forthcoming, and I’d like to get my “ideal” build finalized before Andromeda comes out on Tuesday. :stuck_out_tongue:

My GT on XBL is “stabbim” if anyone thinks they can help. Thanks!

Never mind, someone I met in matchmaking was able to drop me one!