Looking for legendary shields with anointments

I really am looking for health anointed legendary shields (not consume terror) or ASE apply terror.

I also am looking for a raid rough rider with some anointment.

I don’t have a roid Rough Rider with an anoitnment, but I have a normal Rough Rider with a 200% melee Phaseslam anointment.

Hi thanks for replying. I play FL4K and have the Raid Rough Rider already. I Just need an upgrade for some M4 tests…

I have an RR with 50% corrosive on ASE

Yes please. What are yiu looking for in return…

I have rough rider regen health on terror and transformer terror on ASE. Or a back ham with 50 shock ASE. I need spoiling projectile recursion shock and or corrosive 100 damage ASE or a cutpurse loaded dice with health regen

I’ll look out for those items… As really want that rough rider and transformer… I’ll keep you updated…

Do you happen to have an annointed crossroads in fire?

Not fire for that… Have these available…

What do you have in the way of projector artifacts?

I’ll trade you the RR for the projector with reload speed

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Cool. Add me. I should be back on in a few hours…

I ll take the fire cutsman 125 damage to boss. Add me gimn123

Ok give me 10 mins…

I ll be online later. I think in about a hour

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Just send the request. I can shoot you the shield once it goes through

Whats your PSN?


Cool I will send in 5. And let you know. Regards