Looking for legit PC coop partner/s

Hey everyone,

I haven’t played in over a year and i am looking to start a new game from scratch.

Anyone with an easy going attitude and time in the evenings around 8-midnight PST let me know.

I plan on playing Roland I think. Have speech ability in game to be able to chat.

Will be available pretty much every weekday evening and some weekend evenings…possibly early morning depending on a few things.

If you are new or a veteran it doesn’t matter. If you have never played the game I am more then willing to help out in any way I can.

I just want to double check that you indeed did mean Roland and not someone else. Because you posted this in the BL2 section.
Will move it to the BL1 section when you confirm.

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Sorry meant the soldier in BL2 LOL

Lol understood! Thanks for the clarification. Anyway, good luck and happy looting!

Im interested my steam name is dbuste2

Ok so just to clarify…

I am hoping to find 1-3 people who want to start at lvl 1 and only use the gear we get while playing together. We will each pick a few weapon types we want to focus on and we will get first choice at those weapons.

If anyone is still interested let me know and we can start a new game =)

Again new or veteran it doesn’t matter.

im interested in starting new cause i recently bought the game

ok you aren’t coming up on steam…try adding me:


what does you pick look like

question mark…my name is Steve

still having trouble get online and i should be able to fine you

also try looking under lcallands

Yo Im down to playing from start. steam name: God Damn Weeaboo Trash

hey gmod i sent you a friend request if you want to play borderlands 2

lets play sometime

dontu_worry on Steam. I’m in Hawaii but hours are pretty close. I sent an invite thru Steam to whom I think was you.

love borderlands 2 look people to play with have and op8 gunzerker

dontu_worry on Steam. OP8 commando, and other characters at 8, 23, 57, 60 and 72.