- Looking for legit PVE Battle doods!

  • Like the title says, I’m looking for people who understands how to fulfill objectives and still be able to wander off and come back without ruining the mission by failing the objective.

  • It sucks to have around 300 kills and still lose because people don’t know how to protect something and waste 20 something minutes for nothing.

  • I’m looking for people who don’t care what map it is, just go in, experiment different things, complete lore challenges, to not be afraid to try someone they haven’t yet, but mostly, be the biggest badass they can be while still being able to have fun.

  • Add me anytime dood !

  • PSN : Kohji_Yagami

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Add: cglass10


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You can add me because I know how you feel.
PSN: aSnoozngSnorlax

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Add me play PVE pretty extensively trying to get that Vyn’s quiver that keeps eluding my grasp

PSN: Collinizer

I am interested. I am typically available or playing 3-10 p CST and varied times over the weekend . Feel free to add me.
PSN ID langfordrocks. Thank you.

Feel free to add me too, I play pretty much nothing but PVE. I also understand that feeling XD. PSN Quack858

  • I usually get on about 8 Pm - 12 Am on weekdays and 8 Pm - 4 / 5 Am on Friday and Saturday.

Add me too, looking to get all lore challenges done on PVE and I feel u about the wasted time bro. PSN is lilmarko92