Looking for Level 50 and up Ol Rosie, Mods, Oz kits, and others

I’m looking for a level 50 shock Ol Rosie and anything above level 50 (level 60,70, etc.) Also am interested in the Moxxi vibrapulse, Thunderfire, etc. Interested in any good shock weapons and legendary char mods (preferably Gladiator and Lawbringer) and oz kits too. I played through the story mission without waiting to level 50 so need the Ol Rosie and Moxxi.

I have most of the nonDLC mixture of level 50, 38 and level 44 legendary weapons (Maggie, Hellfire, Fatale, IVF, ZX-1, Viral Marketer, Sledges shotgun, etc.), legendary level 50 shields, and level 50 legendary grenade mods.

My Xbox name is Misterr 69. Space between Misterr & 69.

Add me directly and msg me on 360 because I’m not on here too often