Looking for level 50 Maggie/Norfleet

Hi, just wondering if anyone could give me/trade me a level 50 Maggie and/or Norfleet

I sided with the Zaford’s and can no longer get it :frowning:

And getting Vermi to spawn is near impossible without 4 players

Any help would be much appreciated :smile:

Respond with what system you play on so the mods can move you to the online play forum.

Oh yeah of course, I’m on PC :relaxed:

I don’t play on PC but I can tell you that you can get the Maggie as a world drop (the Slagga too, actually) so don’t worry too much about that. And Hyperious also drops the Norfleet and is a lot easier to get to- if you have the Capt Scarlett dlc that is…