Looking for Level 50 Zane, FL4K, Amara Legendary Class Mods

In spite of the fact that there are supposed to be increased chances for Legendary class mods on Katagawa this week, my attempts to farm him for Class Mods have been largely fruitless even after alot of runs on Mayhem 3 with a Loaded Dice artifact, only managed to get a class mod for my current character Moze. So, I figured I would try to trade for the class mods I want for my other 3 vault hunters.

Here is what I’m looking for:

Friend Bot or Red Fang Class Mods

Dragon, Breaker, or Phasezerker Class Mods

Executor or Infiltrator Class Mods

My bank and inventory are pretty much full of Legendaries, let me know what you are looking for and I will check to see if I have it.

I’ve got a few friend bot class mods for flak.
Interested in annointed lucians, rain firestorm, fire kyuda

Sorry, don’t have any of those.

I have a Phazezerker class mod, do you have any laser sploders or recurring hex grenades?

No Laser Sploder and my only recurring hex is the one I’m using on my Moze currently, sorry.

Still looking for these. I’m online now.